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Good evening / Good morning / Good afternoon.


Depending on the moment you read it.


I was thinking and I realized that many short names are super expensive, I understand that xat has to have profits and that kind of thing, but thinking about it, I could put a discount every so often to motivate users to keep playing and buying, not I say this is done every month, but for example on the chat anniversary, 10% in short names, or that kind of thing. I hope they do not take it badly, but I say it because there are users who cannot buy their short names for the high value they have. Regards!


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You should add the credits to the one who gave the idea, I was hoping to discuss this first in Feedback to hear real-time feedback and better study the suggestion to make the proposal in the forum.


Short names are one of the many exclusive benefits for the consumer who buys xats and wants to further improve his experience at xat.com. The main idea of this suggestion was to motivate users to be loyal to xat, not simply reduce the cost of short names because some people see it as expensive.


We can do events on days like the anniversary of xat, black sale and others. Where we can make discounts on all types of purchases from the store (shortname / powers / xats / days) - 5% 10% 15%. off


This will probably increase the consumption of xat products during the event and at the same time will be satisfying the needs of the users.

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Hello LAND
I didn't understand this idea, but it's probably about Short name Price.

I agree that it is expensive for some Short name, example two years ago I wanted to buy the short name: George 20k - 25k but now it is 30k - 35k.
The price is good for a short name, not as expensive as an ID.
When you buy a short name you have to buy with pleasure and heart, if it were cheap, everyone would buy and abandon the short name.
I think the price can be changed from xat.com/buy «To have the opportunity of all xat.com customers to buy xats and so everyone will be able to buy short names.

Enjoy xat.com

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2 hours ago, Bau said:

No entendí esta idea, pero probablemente se trata de Nombre corto Precio.

Estoy de acuerdo en que es costoso para algunos nombres cortos, por ejemplo, hace dos años quería comprar el nombre corto: George 20k - 25k pero ahora es 30k - 35k.
El precio es bueno para un nombre corto, no tan caro como una identificación.
Cuando compra un nombre corto, tiene que comprar con placer y corazón, si fuera barato, todos comprarían y abandonarían el nombre corto.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------
Creo que el precio puede cambiarse desde xat.com/buy «Para tener la oportunidad de todos los clientes de xat.com de comprar xats y así todos podrán comprar nombres cortos.

Disfruta xat.com


I understand your point of view, and that is what I mean as time goes by they continue to rise.


For example, if I don't have money to buy xats today and I have to wait at least 1 year because I have other preorities, the moment I return, it will be more expensive, and if I couldn't buy it before less now, I think they could lower the costs a bit and so people become more enthusiastic, it is my point of view.


I enjoy it, perfectly, of that you have no doubt ;)

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14 minutes ago, Abrahan said:

Yes that is the case, I think that as they increase they also decrease their price. I don't fully understand how this works.


It works in a way that only xat handles, but that is not the case, I only give the suggestion, I think it will be seen by many and approved by few.

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