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Can't login? Lost access?


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So I finally decided to get back on my xat account recently, but I haven't been able to login. There's only 2 potential emails I could've used to access the account, but whenever I put the first one, it says E17, which is email not found or username can not be changed. When I do the second email I thought of, I get a different error. I get errror E46 shown here   which says that my ID was not found. I don't know what could have possibly happened to my account but for some reason I just either had my email changed without me knowing, but even in my emails I have nothing from xat. The first email I thought it was showed this whenever I searched for "xat." And the second email I thought it could've been showed nothing. What could I do?


EDIT: My name ID was Nugger (no, it wasn't racist, thanks for asking) It was an 8 digit ID (262325804).

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you need to open up a ticket under "lost access" department, make subject five words or more than that, include your id number or registered named. You have to open the ticket under a logged xat account. If you don't have one then sign up and get one.




E46 - ID was not found. Make a ticket to get the k2 repaired. after getting the k2 repaired you should be able to login successfully.


E17 means that the email you input is not the correct email address of your xat account, I highly doubt it got changed unless you asked for the change. Your 2nd email address seems to be the correct email address since it came with E46. Whilst the first one caused the login page to display the error E17.



Note:  xat's data base was breached as for that they reset all the passwords for security purposes that's why you were forced to reset the password.

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