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Halloween Costume Contest

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And the winners are... *extended drumroll*


1st place - auramonica (1534587239) (3000 xats!)


The theme was simply spellbinding. The olive green hair of the witch smiley and the namewave worked magically together, and the avatar displaying a witch on a broomstick lifted this entry into a soaring first place.


2nd place - MarshaLL (428933352) (2000 xats!)


This purple paranormal Pokémon theme stole our heart (and soul!) Along with his trusted gengar, gastly and litwick, MarshaLL truly captures the spirit of Halloween, earning a spooktacular second place.


3rd place - Lucerito (384267362) (1000 xats!)


Lucerito's entry was hell-a good, with devillish red horns drawn onto her avatar. Finished with a satanic scarlet namewave, avatar background and sorceress hat smiley, Lucerito has tempted us into awarding her third place.


Thank you again for participating in the contest! As ELea will confirm, it was difficult selecting the top three placements.


Please try to contact me on Feedback chat within 48 hours to collect your prize - although I can come to you if it's easier. Thank you to @Elea for helping me judge. And Happy Halloween everyone!

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