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Problems with login !!


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I have many users asking me help .  


They do login , and then  they had error 64 . After they go in email for login be link , and same issue . 


They recived a message  again error 64 , after many try and try  same error .  


In an case i said to him clear cookies from your pc .  http://es.wikihow.com/eliminar-las-cookies-del-navegador   

He did . And now  he can't login in his account . 

So example  :  a8f0ecee0fef4fd1805640b593634ad0.png 

And every time error 64 .  




He do login and click in link from email and the same issue  .  


As he probed the internet conexion, everything is ok . 


But he cant any more login . 

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Hi Marya,


Please tell your friend to check his browser, he maybe have an auto cleaner and he need to disable it. 

Try loggin in also from different browsers and make sure your friend is not using a private browser while logging in.

Avoid also from loggin in with multiple accounts at the same time.

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