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CuteHairM power

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hello guys, 

since i really liked the idea of cutehairF (maybe a bit hasty) i wanted to continue the base of the creation of this hair for xat in this way:
- power has some manga faces never seen before, like almond eyes, and some more human mouths..!!!! so we have manga faces  and beautiful hair..for now I have not yet vented in the style of men's hair, but I show you something..
- in the coming days (maybe it will take some time) I will try to create something for the hair style of man, if you have ideas to show me I will be happy to design them as best as possible !! (like the hats)

- the name I wanted to take back what I had created in the previous one but it seems to me that I have improved..so idk i call it for now CuteHairM .. (wary) (there are many types of hair but I think these are nice for this site right now, including the backs of course, then you see the rest..)

- I don't know how useful it can be for this site, in the sense it will be difficult to create and the colors are not suggested but the design looks good to me !!


72129599_651548245336759_9221932260737941504_n.jpg 72786349_651548278670089_4161387911809335296_n.jpg 72342931_651548322003418_7466332033099235328_n.jpg 71714144_651548372003413_4125193732779671552_n.jpg 72451142_651548402003410_60816797040902144_n.jpg  download (8).png

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I like the description and examples you've provided in suggesting this power, but. . we already have 6 hair powers, 3 of which were released this year alone.

I think it's safe to say that we need a break from hair and need to focus on power ideas that go outside this spectrum.  (sry)

I do like the idea of giving smilies more human-like features though, but we shouldn't overdo it with them either since it'll take away from what makes the smilies naturally "pop". 

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i dont think we need   more hair powers we already had alot  anough 

 so we need something other that we can use it in xat  new idea not old idea every time 

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