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Contest 10000 xats

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Hello everyone.
I received a message that this contest was not understood, for that I mean you can choose to do a simple thing, or you can choose to do everything, there is no obligation/limit, it is just a contest.

The winner will be for quality, not quantity.

Not to be misunderstood I added a link to each one.
Choose one or more of them, click on it and it will take you directly to where the image is needed.

Only the Icon Photo - To website No link is added because this website is not complete.
But you can visit and see what the picture needs.

Thank you, and sorry for the misunderstanding.

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ajutor-inner.png  this is inner


 ajutor-outer.png  this is outer



Button color : #2b4372


Smile color: #d3efff


My xat regname and id   KraL (61202881)

Edited by EviL35
What I've done is to make changes to the inner and outer background.
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Hello, Thank you all for your beautiful work.
I want to announce, 17 days and this contest will end.

I haven't seen a Facebook / Club banner yet.
Of course this is for your wishes, everyone chooses what he wants to do.
I expect to be all in this contests anyway. :$

Allow to do.
Icon - Website/club
Banner - Facebook,Club
Background - Website/xat
Pcback - xat

Regards Bau.

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Hello, Excuse me for all this confusion.

Some people have asked if they can continue with this contest if xat Ajutor has already been redirected with Assistance.

I want to answer clearly for everyone to understand.
This contest will continue until the end, however we have 3 days and this contest ends.

Thanks for all, you still have time to add your phenomenal works.

The question
What do you do now if this chat is not open, this contest is closed?
The answer
I have tried and continually try to reopen this chat, but it is not how I want it, you all know that xat.com and the staff know better what they want, I agree with them, and yes I continue with this contest.

You can create banner images for club forum or website, who wants to contribute can do it here in this post.

Thank you!

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Hello everyone, today ends this contest on the end of the day, I will announce when it is finished, and the results will appear this week.
Thank you!

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On 11/3/2019 at 2:57 PM, Bau said:

Hello everyone, thanks for waiting a few more days for results.
It's a tough choice, because all of you are excellent in what you do.
The entire Ajutor Staff and active visitors to this chat voted and the final result is added below.
Myself - @Mihai @xRavenette @DjDanny24 And others without a forum account.
We all need to understand that we all have different tastes, and for that it was a struggle for our choices.
Contact @HelperNate To receive the prize won by you in this contest.

1) @EviL35    4000 xats
2) @India       3000 xats
3) @Borbo     2000 xats
4) @Magic     1000 xats
For those good work done by you I want to announce that I will award you with 500 xats each. (Contact me to receive a premium of 500 xats) Regname: Fonduri/iBau
5) @Letmebezero    500 xats
6) @joselizarazo      500 xats
7) @Dazer                500 xats

Thanks to everyone, I hope you enjoyed this contest. Please send your Bg image in private message fórum.

Regards Bau

spacer.pngThank you for the award.

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