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Chat claimed by another guy.



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Hi. At 20.07.2019 i make a chat group and The chatname was Ajutor.

Today , the main owner of the chat group is Bau (Fonduri)


How is it possible for someone else to be the owner of my chat?

EDIT: Oh,i was banned from chat because i ask that question :) 



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Hey there,


Sorry for the confusion regarding this topic. In fact, Ajutor is supposed to be an official chat owned by xat. Due to a small error in the system, some users were able to create duplicate chats that have already existed/exist currently.


The Ajutor chat you created will be deleted soon, and the original Ajutor chat will be redirected to Assistance.


Thank you for creating a topic regarding this issue, and I hope the information I've provided has helped you understand the situation a bit better.


This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please feel free to make a new thread.

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