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Medieval Power

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The Middle Ages (or the Medieval Period) lasted between 476 AD and 1492. This power has a set of smilies based around that time period throughout the world. We have representation from knights and warriors in the Fantasy, Quest and Quest2 powers, but those are based on Middle Earth rather than the real period in our planet's history. This power is a unique vision and can be released in between function powers. Here is a scene from Medieval France, as one example of the period:






The character smilies for this power could include: an alchemist, archerassassin, beggar, blacksmith, captain, courtesan, engineer, executioner, harlequin, herald, king, knight, mercenary, nobleman, plague doctor, priest, thief. The characters would be appropriately designed/costumed in medieval attire. The beggar smiley could be useful for ridiculing users who ask for free xats/days. The thief smiley could be used in promotional content to prevent against scamming - as an alternative to the burglar. I took inspiration from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood for most of these characters, which is set in Italy. 


These smilies would not be yellow smilies - they'd be actual character designs like in Animegirl and Aprincess. This would make the power different to most others. If this isn't possible due to time constraints/difficulty, yellow smilies would be good.


Other smilies could include: a crossbow, bow and arrow, shield, sword, cross swords, crown.




Pawns could include: a crossbow, bow and arrow, shield, sword, cross swords, crown, or any of the character designs listed above or their associated accessories.




Hug animations could include: a princess and a nobleman courting (to express love), knights at war on a battlefield (to express anger), a captain on a ship (to express adventure).


Please post your constructive thoughts/improvements below!


Credits: @Crow (4444) for the Medieval characters (minus the alchemist) and for producing this topic. @Elea (1313) for the Medieval alchemist character, other smilies, pawns and hugs. You can also discuss your ideas with us at Feedback chat. Image credits to Alexandre-Francois Caminade/Getty Images.

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I Like all the details that you put in this suggestion,

the idea of doing it as an animegirl and aprincess tickles my curiosity, doing it different from normal smileys can be a point in your favor, 19 smilies  more others to make it more powerful (more are the smilies and more the power inspires interest), I like the idea I repeat to you, nice also the hug...the hat crown I found nice, sword, is well set up, congratulations

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