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Power: Rockstar!

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What's up, dudes?


Ever just wanna ROCK OUT? But, disappointed that xat has no ROCKING smilies other than (guitar)?


Fear no more! With this new power I am suggesting (that i hope they add), you will be able to ROCK ON more than ever!


This radical power will cost you 250 xats, and will ROCK!


Rockin' Smilies:


-Rockstar: A smilie with a rockin' hairdo! (Similar to gothic, but a male's hairstyle)


-Headbang: A smilie headbanging (I'm surprised there isn't one... It'd be a perfect dance for whenever a radio plays metal or a rock song!)


-Guitarsmash: A smilie smashin' it's GUITAR! WOOOOO!!!!!


-rsrockon: I know a "rock on" smilie gesture already exists, but this one will display the text "Rock on!" above a modern smilie doing the gesture!


-micscream: A smilie yelling into it's mic with it's eyes closed.


-headbangguitar: A smilie headbang whilst playing guitar! ROCK ON!!!


-rsdrums: A smilie playin' a sick drumset!


-rsh1: Another rockstar like hairdo (Be creative with these, xat team!).


-rsh2: Yet another rockstar like hairdo.


-rsh3: And, yet another rockstar like hairdo.


What do you think of this idea? I think it'd be a great and simple idea for xat to have, and is something I'm surprised xat hasn't done sooner!


Rock on, folks!

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This is a good idea! I really dig the hairdo ideas :)  Maybe they can be all multicolored and if you add multiple color codes to the end of it you can customize them all.

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14 hours ago, Bau said:

Hi SethTI
I don't know if this idea is good, but I like it.

So you mean...


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