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Image must be from tinypic.com png, jpg or gif not animated OKKKK


but what do if tinypic is down?


I would like suggest to switch it for another provide more fast possible because all wants ads their chats but can't.


there's alot of complainings;


https://imgur.com https://postimages.org/ or http://uploads.im/ 

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If you read right here, http://tinypic.com/ - Tinypic is shutting down, so it might need to be removed off the wiki.


Imgur hotlinking images is horrible for profiles and chats. It doesn't work properly (sometimes) - https://imgur.com/tos Imgur went through this here. (Maybe a Reddit post can help you too). 

So promotion banners will need to be on https://postimages.org/ or http://uploads.im/ (something the admins need to fix, or if its done yet).


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@xPedro, I agree with you. The following domains are a good idea to be added, replacing Tinypic, https://imgur.com https://postimages.org/ 


@Maverick, I believe https://photobucket.com/ should be considered as well as it will be replacing Tinypic, as their welcoming banner states. However, though, some xat users wouldn't want their public photobucket profile to be accessible due to exposing personal information. This could be an "under consideration" idea.

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I don't think Photobucket is ideal since you have to pay to host your images which isn't something many people want. However, you can host your images for free - but there will be watermarks on all the images. Eg, http://prntscr.com/owmbji 


So I'd not go with something like this if it were to be an option. Secondly, Imgur has stated something about hotlinking, so https://postimages.org would be ideal. 


Again, this all depends on the administrators and not me. 

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