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Group removed recently? Post here.

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If your group was removed recently, post the group name here please. You may also post for other people (eg if they report on Help chat).   Removed means: When you go to the group it redirec

Fixed.   https://xat.com/PartyRadio?z

Checked together with Negan. No issue here.

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43 minutes ago, alex said:

If your chat password happens to have symbols like ! # % or any of the other shift symbols, enter the chat password without them.

Eg.) If your chat password was ilovepie100%of^thetime, the password would actually be ilovepie100ofthetime.

If that doesn't seem to work, then you will have to unfortunately make a new chatroom since xat does nothing to support the hinting or changing of chatroom emails to help you reset your chat's password.
You can create a new chatroom by clicking on the following link provided: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/creategroup.php

Hello, Alex! I dont know who you are or if you read my posts entirely. My password has no symbols. This chat room has the same problem as xat.com.royalfm, it has been activated with some old settings and does not recognise my email or my password . As I can see, the support fixed royalfm so they can fix magiainimii also, using same way they did with the other. This chat room keep old memories, needs to be resurrected to latest settings. I will wait for Crow to help me or Sloom. Thank you.

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16 hours ago, SLOom said:


Chat ID pls?

I'm trying to get the chat ID but I can't contact the person anymore and everything seems to have disappeared. I'll let you know once I get them (if possible).

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Name chat:    PartyRadio
ID chat:           xat22196858
This chat has been Deleted/cloned and the Administrator at this chat wants to be just one, the old one.
Main owner:  bodooficiaL (483328532)

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On 11/14/2019 at 2:59 AM, batuelmejor2010 said:

https://xat.com/diego1414cp - 


the chats has been delete/cloned  and created again


these don't seem to be cloned (however you may still post the old chat ids)


45 minutes ago, adamtoox said:

Hi! Royalfm has been fixed. xat.com/magiainimii still has an issue, I can not gain main owner rights with my old password. 


can you please post the chat id (of the previous chat before it was re-created)

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