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So I'm not sure if this power has been suggested before, but if it has feel free to link me to the original post so that I can credit them here.




What would the power be based around?

The power would based off the different tasks involved in the bathroom such as, shaving, brushing your teeth, or taking a bath or shower. It would also include the different equipment used in the bathroom, for example, shampoo, conditioner, bar of soap, toothpaste, etc.


Possible smileys?

Smileys included could be:










If you have any further suggestions, opinions and or criticisms then please let me know.

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I'm surprised you know what soap is, Hound (smirk).


This could be a nice follow-up to chores, with more everyday activities. Everyone brushes their teeth (at least I hope!). Nice idea! =)

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We already have orowing, what more could you want. I know I don't do anything else in the bathroom.  



if we're serious. HOUSE power. to prevent us having a power for every room in buckingham palace - that would be 775 powers.


on a side note there are also 40,000 light bulbs in buckingham palace. fancy a stat.

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11 minutes ago, TinkerDoodle said:

Jeez, the elecrltric bill is probably more than my entire tuition. 


Don't worry, the British taxpayers cover that bill. (meh)

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