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Hippo Hunt

Hippo Hunt is my latest idea for an Xat Game. I have had this planned for a while.

Within Hippo Hunt, you will have the imfamous HIPPO,
in a tropical area the hippos are hiding, you must shoot the Hippo to get points.
After getting a certain amount of points within a certain amount of time
you will proceede to the next level. Every level you pass the more hippos come
and the more faster the hippos will get get.
A special Hippo, with a red TopHat, is more points!


Example is below


Comment Below what you think!



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On May 30, 2016 at 8:26 PM, TinkerDoodle said:

Great idea.


Maybe there can be some hippos that can take away point If you shoot them, or they poop on your screen if you do and your vision is blocked for 1 second? 


It seems to be missing a goal too, let's say 1 round for have 3 mins to get 1000 points, and as you pass more rounds the more challenging it gets. Your highest round is your highest score. 

Yes I was thinking of making a hippo that you shoot and it poops on the screen, maybe King Hippo.


Also I did include that after a certain amount of time you have to get an amount of points to succeed to the next level with faster hippos.

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