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Xatspace save/tab function

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This is an old suggestion and repost due to the new forum.

Its called 'Xatspace save/tab function'.

You simply login to edit your xatspace and there will be the the possibility to create new tabs for different xatspaces. The work you did on the previous xatspace will either be saved automatically or you will click on a save button and then change to the new tab or an already saved tab. And as addition, there could also be something to change the name of the each tabs. It is similar tp the "New User" function, when you click on yourself on the xat chat.

The point of this is to just save your works you did for the xatspace and give you a friendly way to switch between your work.





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6 minutes ago, Five said:

it was suggested before but i like the idea because i hate saving my old xatspaces in notepads/pastebins.

It was suggested before, because i suggested it before (on the old forum). ;)

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Yes! Let's get deep into this; what about adding a premium themes option? So artists could decide to either release their themes for free or for a certain amount of xats (reasonable values only), and xat would take a percentage of these xats for letting them release it.

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