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Donation for Jose

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Hello everyone.

xat Name: José
xat USername/ID: JoseMigueLx (1111101581)

This person has serious problems, he has cancer, it is a problem and a disease that is hard to CURED. :(:'(
I do not know if this situation is true or not, I want it not to be true and I can help. I do not want anyone to go through such a situation. (Sorry).

I do not know much about this situation right now, but I want to be a family, so that's us, is not it ?! (Who can help you can help comment here, and you find me to receive from you everything you can offer, he needs around 20k / 50k xats to sell, i buy xats, and i want to give money on xats to buy Medicines.
At 23:45 on the 27th, Saturday closed this topic, at the end I will add here a public money transfer to all xats gathered, or send it to everyone in private, after your choice.

Please read the regulation before taking this step. Thank you.

I will add all the offers here, after you send a message here with your offer and after receiving xats from you, I add your name here public or private, after your choice.
Thank you all, I love you.

- I offer 5k xats, be good health Jose, and be with us on xat always (hug)

1) Bau - Fonduri (304771992) = 5k xats

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Hello everyone.

I apologize, I want to close this topic.
Personal reasons. . . . 

The proof!

Donation Jose.png

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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