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suggestion power mermaid

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I come to suggest the power of the siren, I don't know if it's already been suggested, here's my idea.


1- (merkiss) > sending kisses

2- (merhi) > raising his arm to say hello

3-(mermelody) > playing a flute and coming out musical notes

4-(merloving) > effect of hearts in the eyes

5-(merbubble) > throwing bubbles

6-(merhug) > opening his arms to give a hug

7-(merrock) > sitting on a rock with effects of marine algae and a water effect

8-(merbrush) > brushing your hair

9-(merhappy) > smiling effect

10-(merredface) > red effect on the cheeks of shame

11-(mersob) >crying 

12- (merswim)  > swimming

13-(merblack) > with nothing on his face to put effects of other powers

I think you can add more styles of effects to the power such as using it as a card or a message similar to that of the shark.


Pawn > the mermaid's fin can be used as a pawn.


I leave these images as an example of the sirens.






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This may be a potential sticker power, to allow space to incorporate the tail into the designs.


If you can't fit the tail and/or shell bikini into the animations (which may be tricky when you're working with small smilies), these may look like ordinary princess smilies.

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