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Hello friends! HelperNate back with another contest! This will be something new I will be hosting for the first time! I will host a contest on FEXBot's PokeBot mode! Prizes will be distributed as follows, per round, and depending on how long each player survives:


1st place: 500 xats

2nd place: 350 xats

3rd place: 150 xats

4th place: 10 days

5th place: 5 days


The game will last approximately 5 rounds, and the total prizefund is 5,000 xats + 75 days!


After practicing this for about a couple weeks now, I have developed a couple rules during the contest:

  • Do NOT use healing items (potions) during the game
  • ONLY use the default pokemon the FEXBot has to offer. NO using pokemon that you bought prior to this contest!
  • If any inventory you bought is used, you will be kicked from the current round WITHOUT a prize.


The contest will take place @ Game chat on Sunday July 7 @ 6PM GMT / 2PM EDT! Hope to see you there!


If you do not understand how it works, feel free to come to Game chat to play a sample. Just ask me or any available staff member in the chat.

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I was hyped for this contest, but i won't be here around that time, good luck to everyone else ! (victory)

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