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Restriction of copying names to xat records

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good night, gentlemen, cordial greeting


the present proposal is to make a suggestion when they register to this of mundoxat or xat.com when registering they should do the option of not repeating the names that are already in use as nick as user and above all the copy of colors and the smilies. spacer.png  As I show you in this photo where two users have the same color and smilies repeated both same things that sometimes most of these people get annoyed because they copy it is the color or the smilie.


They should place one more option in the nick copy or records that are already active by other users and do not allow another to come and register with the same name or registration.


Do even a modification when they register and do not allow the copy of either nick or record as this generates confusion with another person and then come the ones that are the problem of fights in some xat where some users get confused when they see another user to use almost the same name or register because in these cases you see fights for this question of confusion or repetition of names. 


Here I leave this request for some users who requested about this copy of records and nick. (victory)

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8 hours ago, Loba922 said:


xat can't make something private just because you are using, as you said, you got it on Mundoxat.com (if i'm correct). Everthing there is public for all.

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I understand that seeing someone copying your smilie or even the colour you're using can be very annoying, specially when you are the type of person that doesn't like using the same as others(like me(a)).


Sadly, you can't ask xat or chat managers to create a restriction or a rule for something like this, that wouldn't be logical. The only way you can ask someone to change their name if they're using the same name as other person, would be when they're copying a name with bad intentions.

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