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Making xat.com a paid service

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My suggestion is as follow: 


Make xat.com a paid service. In order to use xat, one must pay a monthly fee. This fee can be the same for everyone. 10 dollars a month. On top of that you gotta pay for powers etc. This way we will reduce spammers , bots and trolls. I would love this idea.


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I'm in favor of reducing spammers, bots and trolls, but this idea is too risky, in my opinion.


There'll be too many users not willing to pay. Even if they are, they might be too young or not able to afford it. 


And if their friends aren't willing to buy a subscription, they might not bother either - they'll jump over to a different platform.

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Damn, there goes my great idea, down the drain. Sigh... I guess not all of you have money to blow. 

But @Crow, if xat becomes a paid service volunteers might get paid wink wink. @Leandro Oh Leandro please, you dont have a direct connection to the administrators , keep dreaming please.

@Steven I am a person and I said it. Actually this happens a lot in for example in WoW, the users i know that play WoW wouldnt want it to become a free game , because of the same reasons. In order for you to revive something it must first die.

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Ok, you said it about game. But heres a "chat site" tell any example like? Not even Discord is paid. (Execept of extra features e.g Nitro)


Since I know, games are paid since from the first time it's released, xat no, it's free all the time,


Volunteers can get paid if admins want since everything on xat is paid, including 60% of the support,


You've said that users doesnt want this game be free, wanna know the reason for this? They already paid for it, then releasing free is like "I paid on the past, wtf..." Same happened to us on CSGO.

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@xLaming It doesnt matter if its a chat site. Steven said


"" would much rather pay for a service I currently use for free," said no one apparently one person ever"

He's talking about a service in general. The thing about the game is a response to his response. Which was about services in general


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On 6/28/2019 at 4:09 PM, Leandro said:

Had a conversation with xat admins and they said this is a wonderful idea.


Thank you for this magnificent suggestion. The best I've ever read here. 

Imaginary conversation* @Leandro

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