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my suggest is the MadBall  game on the xat 

i coded this game on HTML 

this game need a power ' retro '  power  ' the game has been updated ' 12/6/2016

this may be used in the contests and games  b301037ab38140168ac6890a1177d72b.png



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Before anyone comments copyrighted, copyright law is difficult when it comes to games and defining the line between "cloning" and "copying" and technically this can be made if it doesn't infringe on the "Pong" trademark, i.e. using (next to) original graphics or using "Pong" in the name, which would probably bring Atari's attention. One example of this is the closure of Plasma Pong in 2007 due to the trademarked name being used in the title. [src]


The same rules apply to xat's snakeban and snakerace powers as Nokia owns the original idea and copyright only overs the code, the art and so on. So as long as the game remains snake-like and copies none of the original assets or doesn't pretend to be the original, xat is safe to do so. You might also say that snakeban and snakerace have the word "snake" in them. Well, Nokia have the name "Snakes" (in reference to games) trademarked due to the difficulties in getting the name "snake" because of how many products use this word, so doesn't really apply here. [src]


You can read more about copyright law and games and cloning here.


Now, related to the idea, I would not mind a few new games being introduced to xat and pong would definitely be an easy, simple and fun one to include.

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4 minutes ago, Elie said:

Change the ball to a :@, call it madball, and it's yours.


Stop giving me your ball it's making me mad take it back

haha  =)))   nice name madball lool   

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Just to note, Zed said in the OP that this would be in "HTML", because he found some code online that's free to use. This would obviously have to be created by xat in their style and be in flash.

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Nice idea Zed. Its cute game❣

i used to play that b4, and its was fun game. 

What if the name of that game with race like the other  game from gamebot, cuz some in the game have RACE...and what Game Type is that bozz? ( RACE or INDIVIDUAL )

like Madballrace? 

For me its just adding option only bozz! 

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