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Hello everyone.
What do you say a little change with power invisible ?! - 

If you have invisible power and you are a guest in xat, everyone sees you.
If you are a member, everybody sees you, except the guest.
If you're a Moderator, everybody sees you, except for members and guests.
If you are the owner and the main owner, we already know with everyone how it works.

Who can see you in xat's
Rank     People

Guest = Everyone
Members = Moderators, Owner, Main Owner
Moderators =  Owner, Main Owner
Owner = Main Owner
Main Owner = Main Owner

Who does not see you in xat's.
Rank      People
Members = Guests
Moderators = Guests, Members
Owner = Guests, Members, Moderators
Main Owner = Guests, Members, Moderators, Owners

What do you think about this idea, write your comment or react with a smiley on this topic. !?

Regards Bau

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Invisible for main owners/owners makes the most sense as they serve a more managerial role and can essentially "spy" on their chat. The other ranks would likely just be using it to sit there and never talk to anyone.


I suggest you use the forum search feature before creating all your suggestions:




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