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Lets get right into this topic



Now, im sure that whenever someone posts a new topic (mainly suggestions) on the Xat Forums that there is a 45% that someone would say something rude. Someone would say

"This has been suggested before, be more original"

or any other type of rude unnecessary comments.

After this happens, it seems that other people join in, and start to say rude unnecessary comments.

Why can't we all change this?

Why can't we all be positive.

For example if someone posted a suggestion and it has been suggested before, why not say:

"Nice suggestion, but it seems that this has been suggested before *link to other suggestion*"

Making a suggestion takes time, and thought and all the wonderful minds on this site to make one.

Can we all be positive, and support each other?

Thanks for reading.



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This has been suggested before, be more original.


Good point. Although, this is a question of communication and I unfortunatly think that it is pretty hard to be always positive on a forum platform.

Moreover, being positive is also a question of behaviour, users are awarded (by other users) when they're efficient, short and clear. Being creative is a thing, we need creative users, however suggesting few may be sometimes better than suggesting a lot, especially toward simple features.

An awkward phenomenon is also the repetition of rude comments while only one was necessary. I always see 3-4 users claiming something has already been suggested while only one user is needed. I would tell anyone to read every comments BEFORE posting something that, even if not rude in itself, might be considered rude regarding the other comments.

Keep being creative, though keep checking if it's really new and keep being positive.

PS: The real content is in the spoiler tag.

PS2: The non-spoiled content is a joke.

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14 minutes ago, TinkerDoodle said:

You need to learn to take criticism. Assuming this is about your most recent suggestion I'll keep my reply based on that.


What you did was really transparent, it was clear you suggested a power that would eventually be made just to get the test. I will keep it blunt and honest with you, and many people on the forums are blunt and honest. There was no adding on to your suggesting, yeah people could've said something like sweetie this was suggested before. No. Most people will tell you how it is, get used to it by now cause that's not how the world works. 


 Plus in your StatusGrad suggestion, people said the same thing and you follow ever with statuswave anyways so clearly you'll have the same response. 


I get criticisms on my suggestions all the time from @Stah and others, and instead of getting upset about them I take them into consideration. Don't suggest something if you're not ready for some criticisms.

Took the words right out of my mouth. If you're going to continue to do the same thing after being told over and over, people are going to pick up on it and they are going to get on at you for it.


I agree, I like to be constructive when it comes to suggestions and one think I like about you is that you take it on the chin and use it to improve the suggestions, and this is is exactly what Zuke is not doing.

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As tinkerdoodle said, you need to be prepared to take criticism. This is the main point of suggestions, to prove to the people who say clarifications that this would really be a great idea. You need to post in your suggestion why you think it is a good idea and if it hasn't bee suggested already, defend your idea to convince people it is a good idea. 


Side note though, please make sure it hasn't been suggested before before you post... 


As Stah said as well, you need to 'look them in the eye' if you will and 'say why your suggestion is best.' 


I took Brandon's suggestion to my suggestion on the old forum post because I needed to clarify something, and when I fixed the suggestion it helped users understand it more. 





User1: This is the suggestion Pawn Cycle:


User 2: Can you clarify your post posting more information about this suggestion?


User3: Sure! I'll be happy to. Pawn cycle takes the pawns you already have and randomly turns one on when you enter each chat. 


Summary of post: Be prepared to take criticism and to counter their arguments, and be sure that it has not been suggested before, because if it has and it is created, you will most likely complain for not receiving a test power. 



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You need to think about your suggestions and not post everything that comes to your mind, your past x amount have been said before, and the others are 90% obvious that they will be made, there is no need to suggest statuswave and statusgrad since they will most likely follow.


When you have a suggestion, think about it for a few days, like how will it work, how it could look like, search to see if its been suggested before (it's not rocket science to look), once you have all that then post the suggestion with lots of examples of it

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Zuke, one thing I've noticed is that when other people suggest things that have already been suggested before, you post to inform them that you have already suggested it. That is fine, I think it is good to inform people when their suggestions have already been made (apparently some forum staff don't agree).


When you, however, make a suggestion, and we tell you it has already been suggested, you get annoyed and accuse people of being rude to you. Despite the fact that you do the exact same thing on other posts.


The reason people are no longer just posting "nice suggestion, but it has already been suggested before" and are instead being a bit more aggressive with their posts is because you are repeatedly doing the same exact thing and expecting different results. For regular forum users, it can be frustrating to see it happen on a daily basis.


If you create quality suggestions, quality replies will be made. You just need to take more time when you think about suggestions and make sure it isn't something obvious or something suggested before. Nobody is trying to gang up on you, I can assure you of that, and I apologize if you feel that way. But it just isn't the case.

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