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This forum section allows you to create guides/tutorials that are available for the community.


Please note: Topics need forum staff approval before they show up. This is done to maintain the quality.


Guides and Tutorials Section Guidelines

  • The guides and tutorials should be xat related or somehow beneficial to xat users.
  • Content that's already available on xat wiki will not be published.
  • Content that's available elsewhere (e.g. xat blogs, forum clubs), and you aren't the author of said content, will not be published. If you must incorporate the work of others, please make this clear and provide credit.
  • Content that's deemed not helpful by the forum staff will not be published.
  • Your content may be used on xat wiki or elsewhere on xat with no reference to you.

Tips to create and maintain good guide/tutorial topics

  • Be aware of your topic - do not write about something you're not familiar with. Please ensure it works.
  • Descriptive title - add a title that briefly describes what your guide/tutorial is about. Avoid vague titles such as 'new tutorial'.
  • Add a short description - at the beginning of your topic, describe what the objective of your guide/tutorial is.
  • Keep your sentences short - this will make it easier to understand and follow.
  • Make use of steps - precisely describe what the person has to do in each step.
  • Use adequate formatting - use bulleted/numbered lists, bold text font, different text colors or sizes, etc.
  • Add images to supplement the text - take screenshots and modify them, adding arrows for example. This can make it easier to get your point across.
  • Updates - Your tutorial may become outdated over time or users may address issues. Adapt your topic accordingly and provide support, if necessary.
  • Example topic - see this topic for an example of a good guide/tutorial.

We're looking forward to your guides/tutorials!

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