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As to all of you noticed that the new power only works in debugged chat rooms (trade, help, etc), debugged chat rooms are the ones that have the blue 8ball.


So here's a workaround till the Namewave works for all chat rooms (regular rooms/debugged rooms)


The solution: 

Add a "?Test" at the end of your chat link to make the power work,  the "?test" will make your chat obtain that blue 8ball, temporarily till you remove it from the link.

"?test" is used when you want to test debugged commands that only work in debugged chat rooms.


Note: that will not make others see your power works, unless they add "?test" too.



Quick preview:

Before =====> After


Best regards.

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The power wasn't updated for all chat rooms yet. That will soon be fixed.


Admins are aware of this since it is only in testing. When they feel it's comfortable to roll out to the public, then they will do it.

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