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because the invisible, could not be for members and moderators ?

then simple suggestion, can be created another new power or add an extra function. in power invisible

So I hope they all  the invisible power to the moderators too, so the xat is  staff  control, an invisible moderator or an invisible member. can punish the moderator will ban, the member take a photo of the infraction then send it to some supervisor of the staff

possibly just allow the moderators to be invisible, as invisible member I think it would not be useful possibly. but this is just a simple suggestion simple

So with this power the moderators will stay invisible and see the xat as the owners. invisible Thanks for all credits @JOOZ  check @Admin

Thanks for all :$(hug)

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I think this has been suggested already, you can read the following topic and add new ideas about it.


Correct me if i'm mistaken. 

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