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Beware of such a user

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This user has almost been a scam, please take care of this user.

What do you think about this?
xat has to do something to everyone who creates a registry called ARCbots and Fexbots. "Everyone doing this can not be blocked all of the account, but it always has to check its history, only if it does bad things can be blocked, as this user , he does very bad, he must be blocked.

I have noticed that many reports about such a user just as with different login names, you really can not do anything for such people?

USER XATCOM Ā«Ā ARCbotService (1526669262)
Print1:Ā https://prnt.sc/nkpwqw
Print2:Ā https://prnt.sc/nkpxfm

Regards Bau

I think it's an interesting topic for you too. @Actavus @NathanĀ (sman)

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