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Allow Clock/timer On status

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I come back with a new idea.
What do you say we have a new free stuff in xat? (awe) 

This idea has nothing to do with Clock's idea (power)

- I do not think many people use it, but it's an idea, let it exist, whoever uses it does not matter.
- When you create games on xat, it can be useful.
- Show time with your current location. (Or be after chat logging, Example: What chat language is so the time is shown).
- Free USE
- You must be a user Registered/Subscriber - To be able to use it.

/clock PT ON/OFF 
/timer 1-16-34-3 start/End 

Start --- Show the Activite on real time.
End --- Can use for contest/games etc.

Your status will show like that.
Example: Clock - 15:47:33 - Timer - 1d-16h-34m-3s
k8QV4XD.png And yUz5LBZ.png

I do not know if you understand the idea, it's simple, but maybe I explained bad. sry

Regards Bau

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