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That's a good one, excellent!


1 hour ago, Shizuo said:

I'm the only one that thinks that this power looks creepy? (hmm)


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3 hours ago, NoSense said:

i wonder when they make one of mine suggestion just to be curious (scn) 


I hope we can see one of your suggestions becoming a power very soon, your suggestions are really good and they definitely should take them into account! 8-)

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I... I think it's time for xat to look at suggestions and make a lot of them real, now.


We've got plenty of brilliant suggestions other than a... cat n mouse power...

Like the following:




-Pawn Mix



...And plenty more if admin decides to read through suggestions- Because what's the point of suggesting if they almost never get added, and we get a power like "Cat N Mouse" or "Time" instead?!

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idk if i can question here about the power, but.. why doesnt work  the face power with other back,,  i try to make (catnmouse#mmback etc... and dont work... and a friends tell me that cant coloring the power (catnmouse#01010101 example. is a bug?

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On 5/6/2019 at 6:16 PM, CommanderCSY said:

What are you saying? This is a masterpiece. Think about all the potential situations you can use this power in....


catnmouse - when your cat grows a gray tumor on his head and is seeking medical attention

cnmeat - when youre so hungry that you feel like you can stretch your mouth 20x its original size

cnmkiss - When youre borderline trying to eat someone then get a conscience and decide to smell them instead

cnmcchase - when you see a bug and decide to slowly stroll behind them. Come to think of it they should rename it as cnmstroll

cnmdangle - when you're trying to torture poor little animals

cnmmchase - when you're doing science experiments and changing the gut microbiota of cats and mice, causing obese mice and underfed cats.

cnmd - when you decide dressing your cat is not enough and put make up on them

cnmcheese - this just looks weird im sorry, why is the cat caressing a piece of cheese?

cnmcback and cnmmback - for furries, cat/mouse-kin everywhere

Rollercoaster of emotions and descriptions in this one...

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