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What's your favorite movie? Or movie franchise?


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27 minutes ago, Abbie said:

Dawn of the planet of the apes


Have you seen:

  • Beneath the Planet of the Apes;
  • Escape from the Planet of the Apes;
  • Conquest of the Planet of the Apes; and
  • Battle for the Planet of the Apes?

They're sequels to the first one, though obviously nowhere near as good. I watched them all about ten years ago, and fell asleep halfway through the Battle one. I didn't even bother rewatching the end either (which says a lot)!

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2 minutes ago, Abbie said:

Thought the Rise of the planet was the 1st movie. I haven't watched anything from that sequels aside from the two.. You should give it a try! It's a very good movie indeed :)@Crow


Oh I meant sequels to the original Planet of the Apes (1968)! I saw RotPotA with James Franco, but I always wanted the humans to win. :$ Not seen the newest one yet!

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Let the Right One In is one of my favorite movies. 

There is the Swedish version which is the original title I mentioned and then the American version (Let Me In). 

It's about a vampire who makes companionship with a kid who is bullied. I really respect this movie/book and it resonates with me so well because when I read/watched it so many years ago I remember being mad since there is a hidden theme in the movie (much more explicit in the novel) regarding gender/love. I was young and mad for a silly reason but as I have grown/matured I believe it is beautiful.

Both are really good and I recommend them. The book is even better!

The OST is really amazing as well.

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