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  1. Good idea, an alternative solution would be to track your trades with excel. Anyone with basic excel experience would be able to design a suitable spreadsheet for trading activity. If people are interested I'll see what I can do. However, I do realise you'd run into some problems if you're trading 20+ individual powers at one given time, it would be tedious to input all that data yourself. This kind of data tracking would probably be more efficient if we had the power you suggested! Statistics can be added too to see which days are most profitable, total profit, av
  2. Selling my 7 digit ID [1008000) (reglink ready) Open to offers, price is negotiable. Contact me ; xCOLTx (344559195)
  3. Happy bd Lemona:pHave a great day!

  4. Ive had both and Galaxy is better. Faster, easier to maintain, and doesnt break into 1000 pieces when you drop it. People only use iPhones becuase they are popular and in demand when in truth the better phones are Samsung Galaxy's Well thats my opinion anyway.
  5. Gumbet, Turkey. I went before and it was great. Great atmosphere and nice people. Cant beat it
  6. xCOLTx

    Free xatspace!

    Very nice work. Thanks!
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