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  1. Opera. Why?


    Google Chrome doesn't understand that when I tick the box on my Facebook messages to send once I hit the enter key, I don't want it to make a new line. Also some of the hyperlinks on google or around websites just wont open once I click them.

    Firefox doesnt keep the chat size on xat when I zoom in, since I have a large monitor and poor eye sight

    Safari is what I would call, a waste of time

    So is Internet Explorer.

    Edge crashes too often


    Idk anymore browsers. Opera seems to tick all the boxes for me.



  2. 2 minutes ago, Stah said:

    I don't like it all that much. Users should be able to submit their work and have a chance of it getting displayed on an official chat no matter who was "selected" that month.

    I appreciate your honesty, and respect your opinion. :p 


    That does sound like a better idea however

  3. Just now, Stah said:

    A lot of hard work, for what reward?

    Perhaps for every chat they design, and of course having the owner of the chat satisfied with the design, 1,000 xats for a full inner / outer / css?


    Its just a rough idea, I thought the concept was good. :$

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