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  1. Agreed. I like this idea
  2. matt


    I like the concept, i created a similar idea for xaters, called Awards, I think if this idea was done correctly, it could be a cool feature.
  3. I like the new forum, Its certainly better than the old, outdated one. This one looks and feels more appropriate for the time, being it 2016 and all.
  4. matt

    Official chat designs

    I appreciate your honesty, and respect your opinion. That does sound like a better idea however
  5. Gonna go with the pretty standard answer, of a full roast dinner. There hasn't been a single time I've ever turned down a roast
  6. matt

    Official chat designs

    Perhaps for every chat they design, and of course having the owner of the chat satisfied with the design, 1,000 xats for a full inner / outer / css? Its just a rough idea, I thought the concept was good.
  7. I reckon it'd be a cool concept if perhaps a specific user (A poll could be created to determine this user) could be the designer of every official chat for a month (After the month is up, another user is selected via a poll) This would include: outer background inner background optional CSS I personally think it'd be a nice change, and a good idea. Obviously I'd like to see feedback and your opinions on this. What do you guys think?
  8. The new forum looks decent. :)

    1. Maverick


      Likes your status. 

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