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  1. 11 years and 1 day being here. oof

  2. I fully support this. I hope this actually becomes a thing that xat could do to help people feel more safe online.
  3. Annoying how the feed on the forum gets flooded by pointless games, making it harder to find actual forum posts that mean something

    1. Guppy


      Amen. Please disable the Forum Games from showing up in Activity (or if there's a way to do that with user settings).

  4. I don't like this idea. Before long xat's gonna look like a joke with all these expensive lag inducing powers.
  5. Opera. Why? Google Chrome doesn't understand that when I tick the box on my Facebook messages to send once I hit the enter key, I don't want it to make a new line. Also some of the hyperlinks on google or around websites just wont open once I click them. Firefox doesnt keep the chat size on xat when I zoom in, since I have a large monitor and poor eye sight Safari is what I would call, a waste of time So is Internet Explorer. Edge crashes too often Idk anymore browsers. Opera seems to tick all the boxes for me. 9/10
  6. smiley power: anime function power: me group power: lang bot provider: fex also how is gold a functional power? someone explain that to me
  7. Well said, very well said.
  8. How about a friendly debate / discussion? What's your favorite power? Mine personally is (ME) because it gives you the ability to further edit your profile.
  9. The idea is cool, but I agree with Hayley.
  10. Lmao, I cant believe I got that first time
  11. It is, I'm pretty decent at it, haha. The whole concept of the game is something fun in its self so its hard not to like it
  12. I like xters because my friends go there, I can discuss my interests there too.
  13. Seems like a good idea. Keep in mind Rankpool is kind of similar this.
  14. My top 5 (In no particular order) Minecraft Rocket League Grand Theft Auto 5 Call of Duty: Black Ops Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  15. Now that the forum is more.. up to date, I can see myself using it on a regular basis

  16. Someone else on xat who likes Family Guy? IS THIS REAL LIFE?
  17. Thats a pretty sexy planet.
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