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  1. Exin

    happy birthday

  2. Magic

    happy birthday

  3. 11 years and 1 day being here. oof

  4. Maxo

    happy birthday matt

  5. Happy Birthday! 

  6. Rhea

    love the fact that your ava is homer ! haha 

    1. Mystic


      yeah I love that too the Simpsons are the best!

    2. Guppy
  7. Happy Birthday @matt! Enjoy! 

  8. I fully support this. I hope this actually becomes a thing that xat could do to help people feel more safe online.
  9. Annoying how the feed on the forum gets flooded by pointless games, making it harder to find actual forum posts that mean something

    1. Guppy


      Amen. Please disable the Forum Games from showing up in Activity (or if there's a way to do that with user settings).

  10. I don't like this idea. Before long xat's gonna look like a joke with all these expensive lag inducing powers.
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