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  1. DUYGU

    Happy birthday Matt   (hug)



  2. Go easy on me, I don't design much these days, but I'm happy with out these turned out. The client loved them so I'd call it a success. (I didnt charge anything, most of my work is free) They're all in here: https://imgur.com/a/YTkJuA7
  3. That's pretty cool to read. I can only image what it's like to actually become a voltunteer. I should add, I was unaware there was a post similar to mine. Oops lol
  4. Im curious to hear some interesting stories / memories you've all had on xat over the years. Mine personally is being promoted to Owner on Graphics back in the day. I spent LOADS of time there and was super happy when I got a promotion!
  5. I've quit. I registered on here in mid 2008, and on the forum in late 2008. I fully stopped using xat in 2016 after some things happened, mainly the rising popularity of Discord. I recently "came back" (I put that in quotes because I just get on more often, I dont spend every day on here like I used to). It feels.. nostalgic to see xat again. as much as I dislike parts of it, I don't think I'll ever truly quit because I feel as though its a part of me. I spent my entire teenage years on here, It shaped me as a person and I've met people on here who have also changed my life in more ways than I can express. Overall what brought me back is partly boredom and partly nostalgia.
  6. I kinda prefer flash. Maybe it's a nostalgia thing, HTML5 feels unpolished in certain areas, but it's a welcome change. Gotta keep the site fresh ya know?
  7. Exin

    happy birthday

  8. Magic

    happy birthday

  9. 11 years and 1 day being here. oof

  10. Maxo

    happy birthday matt

  11. Happy Birthday! 

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