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  1. A lot of the opinions that I feel about this have already been discussed so I won't add further. However there is one suggestion that I would like to include as an alternative to the creation of a new pawn entirely. When a user hovers over the nickname of another user, this appears. This has been a thing as long as I can remember but there is no real use for it as admins very rarely login to their xat admin accounts, rather they have testing accounts like Tom2 and Tomflash to use instead. This therefore makes them completely useless and I feel that the identification of these users would be much better suited if they were included here rather than having a pawn specifically made for them. This will serve as a verification status without the need of them having a means to show off and exploit their status on the platform with a "special visual indicator".
  2. Hi Slatki, Currently, there is a problem with inner backgrounds not updating instantly after a new direct image link has been added. I have been told this will be fixed in the newest version of HTML5. You will need to wait at least 30 minutes for your new background to update. The direct link seems to be correct so now you just need to wait for the background to update on it's own.
  3. Hi Slatki, It could just be that xat does not recognise the domain you have used to upload your background to. I have reuploaded the background you have to imgur, one that is known to frequently work. Here is the link to your background on the imgur website: https://imgur.com/a/Ll0hykv When adding your background to the chat, please use the image's direct link here: https://i.imgur.com/o2xoM6w.png Hope this works and please reply if the problem persists!
  4. Happy birthday! (hug)


  5. Just realised your forum name still says iMartin HAHAHAHA

  6. Still thinking of you even now my man. <3

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