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  1. 4 minutes ago, Echo said:

    Being inactive for like a year and not doing tickets is another story but if you are trying to hide behind this excuse then I am not having it. It don't matter if you used to do 100 tickets or 400 tickets a week the problem is you don't do any at all for the past year. You have only took part in one topic since I become volunteer and that was conflict as well. Try to be more professional? I am professional and pushing for change on something which should have been sorted out months and months ago. Face it vale you only magically become active again when your position is threatened. We have had 3 threads about this on the contributors section and each time you have been given a chance to become more active. This thread is dedicated to th users that cannot voice their views within the contributors group. I won't commnt anymore on this thread as everything I needed has been said but I hope for the best outcome for the trade staff and chat itself.

    Face it? Do u have proof? i was active 2-3 days ago before that i think u only want to help ur friends

    u can ask admin to check i was handling some reports about scam anway i dont need to explain u anything just bcs im not online 24/7 doesnt mean im not active

    fact is u as vol go around talking crap about me....isn't this unprofessional????? 

    anyway i have no time to argue

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  2. One more thing......

    selling days on trade is not even our job but we want to help users and giving them the opportunity to buy a day to join trade xat,

    you are the sole person responsible for your xat account so make sure to have always enough days, i /we cannot force my staff/users or anyone else to sell you days

    we are not supposed too and you can also buy xats and days from xat.com direclty =)

    I hope i have been clear enough, if you have any other question regarding the issue or anything else feel free to pvt msg me on forum " is always open " or pm me at help/ trade xat.



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  3. 9 hours ago, Wiss said:

    Congrats Vale.


    All the best.

    Vale and Brandon are great persons.

    I got a warning.


    Thank you so much WISS (hug) if you have got a warning it means you are special =)

    10 hours ago, Christina said:

    Hopefully you 2 can get along <3

    Its beautiful seeing old staff back.

    Congrats Vale.  Now if Ghosty will just stay <3

    Thank you very much,i'll do my best even if isn't always easy to please everyone <3

    12 hours ago, Sevda said:

    Congrats @Vale(hug) 

    Hdl <3

    Danke Sevda  hdal  <3333

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