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  1. Face it? Do u have proof? i was active 2-3 days ago before that i think u only want to help ur friends u can ask admin to check i was handling some reports about scam anway i dont need to explain u anything just bcs im not online 24/7 doesnt mean im not active fact is u as vol go around talking crap about me....isn't this unprofessional????? anyway i have no time to argue
  2. Hello evryone, so there is nothing much to say Bryan decided to resign i never told him to leave Trade just bcs i asked him to talk to me or at least to inform me about big events or important decisions and he didn't agree on this was like " why do i need ??? " pretty sure bcs im still the main,now just because he want to decide for everything has decided to resign his reaction is bit immature plus trying to make me look bad even if we never have had issues ,just 2 days ago i asked him a question and he got mad " really childish" @Echoplease stay in your lane dont talk about vols stuffs here if i close tickets or not is not even ur problem when i used to close 400-600 tickets in week you weren't even here if i start to talk about my work i'll have to write a book and just because i dont go around to talk to vols doesnt mean i don't care i talk only if needed and that's good so, anyway as vol try be more professional dont put ur nose everywhere dont go around talk nosense =) TO ALL MY STAFF WE CAN HAVE A MEETING ABOUT BRYAN IF YOU THINK IS NEEDED BUT I NEVER DID DEMOTE HIM HE HAS DECIDED TO RESIGN!!!
  3. Preferred colors : Silver, White, Gold, Red <<< means the background must contain all 3 colors in it , i see too much red =) Thanks.
  4. One more thing...... selling days on trade is not even our job but we want to help users and giving them the opportunity to buy a day to join trade xat, you are the sole person responsible for your xat account so make sure to have always enough days, i /we cannot force my staff/users or anyone else to sell you days we are not supposed too and you can also buy xats and days from xat.com direclty =) I hope i have been clear enough, if you have any other question regarding the issue or anything else feel free to pvt msg me on forum " is always open " or pm me at help/ trade xat.
  5. JESUS MARIA all this drama for a day??? You can pc MODS / OWNERS / USERS / HELP CHAT/ " YOU GUYS CAN PM ME ALSO " to get a day ,this thread wasn't even needed or maybe you wanted just attention ?? bcs I really don't understand why all this drama for nothing TRADE has been like this for years and no one did complain but you.... End of discussion. Thank you all <3
  6. This sale has been marked as completed and the topic has been moved from the main ID Marketplace section. If you would like to sell another ID, please open a new topic.
  7. That's his ID,everything is fine he can sell it =) ty
  8. Thank you so much WISS if you have got a warning it means you are special =) Thank you very much,i'll do my best even if isn't always easy to please everyone <3 Danke Sevda hdal <3333
  9. With you on my side for sure... ty very much Ty @Sydno
  10. Oh @Harrison ..............put some anti bug spray on you before joining trade =)
  11. Ty Kristjan =) Ty LaFleur Ty Z3d ill do my best =)
  12. Ty Charlie isn't easy to please everyone but i'll do my best =) Ty Crow Grazie Atti
  13. Boot power isn't needed the price has already decreased a lot , if you think years ago it was like 20-25k and now around 5k ? We need some CLEAR power also.
  14. This sale has been marked as completed and the topic has been moved from the main ID Marketplace section. If you would like to sell another ID, please open a new topic.
  15. Private message me your xat ID/regname .
  16. Happy Bday Syd =)

    1. Sydno


      Thank you so much Vale! :) 

    2. minel


      hi vale


  17. Vale


    If your account is held you will have to open a ticket under Block Help topic, if you are unable to open a ticket for any reason please feel free to message me and I'll help you out. http://translate.google.com < you can translate here =)
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