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  1. This sale has been marked as completed and the topic has been moved from the main ID Marketplace section. If you would like to sell another ID, please open a new topic.
  2. That's his ID,everything is fine he can sell it =) ty
  3. Congratulation  vale <3

  4. Thank you so much WISS if you have got a warning it means you are special =) Thank you very much,i'll do my best even if isn't always easy to please everyone <3 Danke Sevda hdal <3333
  5. With you on my side for sure... ty very much Ty @Sydno
  6. Oh @Harrison ..............put some anti bug spray on you before joining trade =)
  7. Ty Idima(hug) Ty Val =)
  8. Ty Kristjan =) Ty LaFleur Ty Z3d ill do my best =)
  9. Ty bunny<3 Merci slooma Uuhh 11, ty
  10. Ty Charlie isn't easy to please everyone but i'll do my best =) Ty Crow Grazie Atti
  11. Ty @Luca Ty @Bau bau =) Tx Brandon
  12. Hi .I need some help with my account  .It has been deleted like 2 weeks ago and I don t know the reason . I made ticket in Account block but not answer yet  . Thanks .

  13. i'm single =)