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  1. Preferred colors : Silver, White, Gold, Red <<< means the background must contain all 3 colors in it , i see too much red =) Thanks.
  2. Trade mains ?

    One more thing...... selling days on trade is not even our job but we want to help users and giving them the opportunity to buy a day to join trade xat, you are the sole person responsible for your xat account so make sure to have always enough days, i /we cannot force my staff/users or anyone else to sell you days we are not supposed too and you can also buy xats and days from xat.com direclty =) I hope i have been clear enough, if you have any other question regarding the issue or anything else feel free to pvt msg me on forum " is always open " or pm me at help/ trade xat.
  3. Trade mains ?

    JESUS MARIA all this drama for a day??? You can pc MODS / OWNERS / USERS / HELP CHAT/ " YOU GUYS CAN PM ME ALSO " to get a day ,this thread wasn't even needed or maybe you wanted just attention ?? bcs I really don't understand why all this drama for nothing TRADE has been like this for years and no one did complain but you.... End of discussion. Thank you all <3
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    2. minel
    3. Stif


      You created already a topic on general support and already got a proper answer.


    4. minel


      I got the answer in a couple of ways

  4. SELL IDS 10100 & 1973

    This sale has been marked as completed and the topic has been moved from the main ID Marketplace section. If you would like to sell another ID, please open a new topic.
  5. sell id 10100

    That's his ID,everything is fine he can sell it =) ty
  6. Congratulation  vale <3

  7. Thank you so much WISS if you have got a warning it means you are special =) Thank you very much,i'll do my best even if isn't always easy to please everyone <3 Danke Sevda hdal <3333
  8. With you on my side for sure... ty very much Ty @Sydno
  9. Oh @Harrison ..............put some anti bug spray on you before joining trade =)
  10. Ty Kristjan =) Ty LaFleur Ty Z3d ill do my best =)
  11. Ty bunny<3 Merci slooma Uuhh 11, ty