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  1. It all depends to be honest. Most of the holidays are arbitrary in which it is just a day society has considered to have meaning. Personally, I like Christmas and Thanksgiving due to family gatherings. Also I like New Years, just to see everyone fail at trying to set and complete a new years resolution

  2. 7 hours ago, choco said:



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    nick, redcard for sure, such a waste

    I am actually really offended that you all said nick power. That is the one power i sometimes like to use because my name is Nick and i like to give some people fun nicknames :(


    My least favorite power would probably have to be tickle because I get easily annoyed when so many people tickle me at once

  3. I don't remember the first chat I visited/joined. I do remember I found xat through a youtuber that has like 300k subscribers back in 2009. Most of the people i used to hang out with go to a chat now called 3dz which i despise. The issue is in a year, the people and I changed chats like 5 times to like Nintendo3ds chat and some pokemon chats. It was a full year until I left that chat and joined Help in 2010. Some of the people that were on that first chat with me were former help staff Spongey, and Pinkeh.

  4. It would add another layer of security to accounts. The issue would be if an individual forgot their main email and their secondary email to their account. It would cause an greater issue in situations like that. 

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