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  1. New Moderator: Angelo

    Congrats brotha!

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    2. Stif


      U.S. President

    3. Nick


      help i have been robbed mi bloqueo

    4. Stif


      Make a ticket under the "report scam" department to get your title back. :$ 

  3. Titles and vote system

    You can have my title if it means I never have to read one of these personal outlash threads again.
  4. A Change In Ownership

    This is crazy.
  5. Answered ticket not closed

    Hi there! I have closed your ticket. You should be able to open a new one now.
  6. Congratulations to SJBB

    Congratulations and good luck!
  7. Please help me because I can not do it in trade or anything here 

    Ticket #47566693  on 22 / May / 2017 4:06 pm but did not you resign? thank you

    1. Crow


      Hi. You've received a reply already:



    2. youssfi



      So my account blocked I hope those who help me when I have to wait I have to trade!) Thank you

  8. hi nick our chat room https://xat.com/ThunderStormRadio has been delisted we was asking how it is and why we been promoting and all ...is there a way to undo this? or help me fix it.thank you

    1. Crow




      If your chat has been blocked from promotion, or has had all of its content removed, you can create a ticket in the Chat Block department to inquire about it. You do NOT need to be a paid user to create this ticket, but you must be logged in. See xat.wiki/ticket for help with creating tickets. Please ensure your ticket subject has 5 words or more. Within the ticket message, you can copy and paste what you wrote here. 


      Reply here or visit xat.com/Help for more advice. 

  9. ayudame con mi locket auth 


    1. Blacky


      ¡Hola Raquel!


      Si usted desea, puede crear una petición de ayuda  en la sección que actualmente se encuentra aquí




    Hi i have the next problem, here I go the other day clean the cookies and cache of my computer turns out that when I want to login, I asked for the code Aunteticador of Google, as it takes out that application. Well I do the ticket of lost Auth give him to send, then I get a white page as a fall, then went back to do the same and gave me error that solution give me.

  11. I sent you and admin a request about a held acct. Ticket submitted over 4 weeks ago with no reply

    1. muffins


      Unfortunately, certain departments are currently experiencing a high volume of tickets.

      We understand that the wait times are far from what most consider acceptable.

      Try to remain patient; you are not being ignored. We will get back to you as soon as we can GetStrip5.php?c=S_hug2_18_18_c.png

      Tickets are answered in the order received according to our queue.

    2. Nick


      Thanks muffins. 

  12. I need you to help me. Open a tickle for me, I can not. Every message I put in the SUBJECT of the error.

    1. Leonardo


      Does any volunteer open a ticket for me? Because I can not subject only the error I put 5 words anyway, it still gives error

    2. Bau


      Hello LEonardo!
      Enter here and see which volunteer is online, Here you can see the list of volunteers.
      And ask to open a ticket for you.
      You must have an email from your login, your login name and id.
      If you still need something, you talk volunteer and he'll help.
      I think I was useful!

  13. Last Moderator or Volunteer to Post Wins

    It's funny to see you guys even attempt to win.
  14. please read my pm

  15. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.