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  1. Camii

    Steam on xat

    SteamID64, It is the correct one for your bot, remember that three appear. (steamID, steamID3 and steamID64) -this page is better to get the ID: https://steamidfinder.com/ THANKS @LaFleur
  2. Camii

    Steam on xat

    Hi @Admin I have a suggestion, some time ago I have moved away from xat because every day I find it more boring, unmotivated and it is always the same. But I have known discord, because I like online games, maybe xat.com should be associated with STEAM, this allows each game session to appear in our status, a version like Discord, maybe this is more complex, but also make group calls can be generated by private messages, without a doubt that if xat gives a space for the players, xat.com could be reinvented and have more people. It is time to reinvent this great community to new times. PICTURES: https://imgur.com/RzEUsy1.png https://imgur.com/jU24l90.png Greetings. Cami
  3. @Edit @LaFleur @Stif @Adeis @Juna @Valstein @Shizuo @Atti @Thuk @Champ @Christina @DjCrazy @Felipe_ @Math  Thank you for your birthday messages!  :$ 



    PD: Te cobrare la palabra! @Adeis

    PD1: Lindo, @Eleven

    PD2: You surprised me!! @LaFleur

  4. Data Privacy Day! 

  5. The game to finished. 

    1. Bau


      (hug) Feiaaaaaaa (L)

    2. Eleven


      We are just beginning! xd

    3. Camii


      My game is over, my patience too!!!! (^^)

  6. Camii


    It is not the best suggestion, but it is not bad, perhaps it would be interesting to seein real operation. Luck, Kvra.

    1. Shizuo


      OK?! TRES BIEN?! 

  8. Un poco más de frío... me duele hasta el ombligo, sí escucho tú voz... 

  9. Te amo @DjCrazy

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    2. Bau


      :$(goo) My sexy girl :$ 

    3. Camii


      @Fiona también te amamos...

    4. Bau


       Si, amamos Fiona também :$ 

  10. How always your powers are wonderful, good work @Mike
  11. I do not understand... why is xat losing his best volunteers? Really xat.com makes less sense, and that is regrettable and unfortunately for the users. @Admin

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    2. Christina


      I can add to it. HAHA

    3. Camii


      It's very sad to understand that adm does not care about the problems that affect users, and that all it care about is making money. 

      Mike is one of the Best volunteers, not to say that he is the Best.... :/ @Bau

    4. Bau
  12. I'm delighted with the Dark!!  (^^)

  13. I love that power!!! Congratulations, how you always did a good job. @Mike
  14. Sqanimal (^^) so cute!!!

  15. Sexy french!! (: 

    1. Shizuo


      ahaha not true :3

  16. Feona, te extraño una banda!!!

    Que tengas unas felices fiestas junto a los tuyos.

    TE ADORO!!

    1. Fiona



      te echo muchisimo de menos! te quiero un montón :$ 

      felices fiestas!

  17. I wish you have a merry Christmas. 

    Thank you for your unconditional friendship.



    1. DjCrazy


      I wish you all the best with you and merry christmas
      me too i'm so glad i have you as a friendship

      ILU2 HONEY

  18. Honey, Happy Birthday... I hope you have a excellent day!!! HUG2 

    Big nose 😘😊

  19. 💓 DBZ with you! *

  20. Escuchar tu risa, alegra mi día! 😀

    1. adam_


      Cén contae a bhfiul tú in a gconaí?

    2. Camii


      Irish language?

  21. ❥ i love it! 




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    2. Skatel


      No me conociste nunca de verdad  ya se fue la magia que te enamoró y es que no quisiera estar en tu lugar porque tu error fue conocerme ♫

    3. Bau
    4. Manu
  22. Thank you for helping me, you're very kind. ❥

    1. Angelo


      Any time! 

  23. ♪Hello, hello♪
    ♪Can you hear me, as I scream your name?♪
    ♪Hello, hello♪
    ♪Do you need me, before I fade away♪

    Alan Walker

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