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  1. I do not understand... why is xat losing his best volunteers? Really xat.com makes less sense, and that is regrettable and unfortunately for the users. @Admin

    1. Shizuo
    2. Bau


      Feiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa You are right. :$ 

      Added More info about this! xD
      We can not just talk, blame is not at Admin or volunteers.
      The guilt is at the users, they speak a lot meaningless.

      I'm sure if the users did not talk so much, to say, Admin never erases a volunteer.

      So everything starts with the users, and all users wonder why xat goes wrong, why volunteers do not do a good job.

      The real problem is what they are talking more about than they have to work.

      Yes, the final decision is taken by Admin, but who influences the admin, (users of xat, of course) with proof, maybe some of them false, maybe true, but to be honest nobody is perfect!

      My final answer is that all the users complain of everything, nothing works well, and when someone loses regret the loss. 

      Bla Bla Bla. . .  . . I can write a book with everythink about xat  OMG xD .  .. . .  Talent Bau xD

    3. muffins


      I'd like a copy of the book.

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