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  1. Honey i miss you hermosa <3

  2. Felicidades guapa! :$

    Te extraño (wailing)

  3. (blowkiss)(blowkiss)(hug)Happy Birthday Honey ilu<33


  4. happy birthday @Camii



  5. Happy Birthday! Enjoy!


  7. Happy Birthday ! :D

  8. Happy   Birthday!

  9. Maxo

    happy birthday @Camii

  10. Happy   Birthday   sis,@Camii(blowkiss)

  11. Camii

    Steam on xat

    SteamID64, It is the correct one for your bot, remember that three appear. (steamID, steamID3 and steamID64) -this page is better to get the ID: https://steamidfinder.com/ THANKS @LaFleur
  12. Camii

    Steam on xat

    Hi @Admin I have a suggestion, some time ago I have moved away from xat because every day I find it more boring, unmotivated and it is always the same. But I have known discord, because I like online games, maybe xat.com should be associated with STEAM, this allows each game session to appear in our status, a version like Discord, maybe this is more complex, but also make group calls can be generated by private messages, without a doubt that if xat gives a space for the players, xat.com could be reinvented and have more people. It is time to reinvent this great community to new times. PICTURES: https://imgur.com/RzEUsy1.png https://imgur.com/jU24l90.png Greetings. Cami
  13. @Edit @LaFleur @Stif @Adeis @Juna @Valstein @Shizuo @Atti @Thuk @Champ @Christina @DjCrazy @Felipe_ @Math  Thank you for your birthday messages!  :$ 



    PD: Te cobrare la palabra! @Adeis

    PD1: Lindo, @Eleven

    PD2: You surprised me!! @LaFleur

  14. Math

    Happy birthday!

  15. happy bday bb


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