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  1. 1 minute ago, Sifu said:

    How would global statstics be organized though? I mean like showing who has the lowest ID, most doubles, stuff like that? But yeah. I hope xat can do this suggestion!


    I mean xat could have a dedicated page which displays some interesting statistics, such as total xats in circulation, total everypowers, total golds (only totals for epic powers), people chatting right now, people banned and more.

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  2. Just now, Karl said:

    It's something different. If there was a way to mute them all and not have to deal with "certain" users awful music taste that'd be nice too.

    Agreed here. Nice to see an original suggestion.


    As long as you can mute the music via the little speaker I'd be okay with this.

  3. Sometimes users do not want this type of information shared. I'm sure some sort of global xat statistics could be cool though, such as total xats in circulation and other things like that.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Sifu said:

    Music on xatspace, and the YouTube app are enough for me. I do not want to see people complaining about who has the best PCMusic next. Sorry.


    Why so much negativity? Can't you appreciate a suggestion without saying everyone is going to fight over it?:s

  5. Just now, Sifu said:

    Because the people would think it looks nice, and feel left out.


    I don't think this would cause arguments... if anything it'll just lead to them asking how to achieve that badge and so on.

  6. What's her favorite thing in the world? My friend's birthday is on the 16th and they like pugs, so I bought them haribo pug sweets from abroad and a card with a pug on it. It didn't cost much but high sentimental value.

  7. I don't think there should be user-specific awards, as that will mean some admin intervention. Only general ones, such as registering, being subscribed, trading 100 times and so on.

  8. Just now, matt said:

    Perhaps for every chat they design, and of course having the owner of the chat satisfied with the design, 1,000 xats for a full inner / outer / css?


    Its just a rough idea, I thought the concept was good. :$

    I don't like it all that much. Users should be able to submit their work and have a chance of it getting displayed on an official chat no matter who was "selected" that month.

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