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  1. The markdown should be applied in the message box also, so that you can see what you're sending in visual terms. This should probably only apply to bold, italics and strikethrough as the way the others are implemented at the moment would be confusing.


    This is also useful when combining them (i.e. italic and bold) or seeing mistakes as you can see the formatting before you send it.





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  2. 21 minutes ago, SLOom said:

    This is intended. You will not be able to gain main owner via old web anymore once a main owner were added on new web. 

    I understand that after using the new web the old won't work, I just meant that if an unregistered user does it they will lose access to their chat because they can't add themself as main owner, but you said this will be fixed so thats fine.

  3. Currently on the new chat edit, if an unregistered user creates a chat group or switches their existing group over to the new system by adding a new main owner, they will be unable to add themself as main owner or use the "get main" button as currently it only allows registered (logged in) users to do so.


    Unregistered users should still be able to own and manage a chat group on the new website and someone may want to add an unregistered user as main on their chat also.


    There's also a bug within this too, as if an unregistered user adds a main owner and moves their chat over to the new web, they will be unable to re-gain main via the old web and lose their rank in their chat unless they register. @LaFleur

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  4. Currently, the new colour picker on the HTML5 chat found in your user profile says "Save", and what this button actually does is copy the colour code to the clipboard. I automatically assumed this was going to change my nameglow or something and was confused when the button didn't do anything.



    I suggest this is changed to "Copy" and then changes to "Copied!" for a few seconds after being clicked, so that its function is is a bit clearer.

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  5. It should literally just allow you to add "allpowers" or "everypower" to the trade engine and this be sorted server side.


    There is literally no need for 300+ powers to be checked to make a trade.

  6. 1 hour ago, Sydno said:

    Sadly, I do not think it is that easy. In some countries, LGBTQ is still criminalised and far from being accepted by everyone, and quite many xat users live in these countries.


    It's probably not xat concerns, because of course you may say just don't buy or don't use it. But for some EP users, you are forcing them to buy a power that promotes something that is considered illegal in their country. And that is, I guess, the main difference with christmas/emo powers.


    I doubt this would lead these countries to block xat on their soil, I am just saying that unless xat has a clear, deliberate, assumed position on the matter, there is a risk of releasing this type of power. xat may as well just offer pawns that allow individuals to promote their pride.


    If users were hosting special events for the pride month, I would totally support it, but I don't think xat has to take position, unless they clearly want to do so and are careless of what these countries may think of it.

    It's 2020 and xat does need to take a position.


    Either xat support its LGBT users or are they complicit in putting us to death.

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  7. iframes with parameters:



    Link: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name%3Dstah%26bg1%3D000000%26bg2%3D020060%26c1%3D000%26c2%3D020060%26c3%3D020060

    Preview: https://xat.com/stah?new



    Link: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name%3Dstah2%26bg1%3D006a4e%26bg2%3D2E856E%26c1%3D8abaae%26c2%3D5ca08e%26c3%3D5ca08e

    Preview: https://xat.com/stah2?new



    Link: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name%3Dstah3%26bg1%3DEb5a46%26bg2%3Dec9488%26c1%3D933b27%26c2%3DCf513d%26c3%3DCf513d

    Preview: https://xat.com/stah3?new


    Try it yourself: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name=stah&bg1=000000&bg2=020060&c1=000000&c2=020060&c3=020060 

    (& and = must be encoded before putting on chat due to chars being stripped)


    Limitation: with maxlength removed seems to be 119 chars.


    (Hopefully @SLOom doesn't mind I pinched his Rubyyyyy example with a few modifications for proof of concept)

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  8. On 5/19/2020 at 9:22 PM, LaFleur said:


    Further notes:

    • Main owners do not have access to the “Miscellaneous” part in the settings tab, even if “settings” is chosen in permissions. Only the actual group main owner can use those options.
    • Once a new main owner has been added on the new edit group, all existing main owners (which were added on the old web) will be removed automatically. Furthermore, you cannot become main owner on the old web version, which will soon be removed.
    • If a group owner used the “get main” button in #setting, they will be automatically added to the #mainowners list.


    The wording here was a bit confusing. This clears it up for me: anyone who logs in with the group password can access the miscellaneous and mainowners sections, and anyone who logs in via their account password cannot (even "the actual group main owner").


    I also believe miscellaneous should be moved to it's own tab to avoid confusion with this:


    "Main owners do not have access to the “Miscellaneous” part in the settings tab, even if “settings” is chosen in permissions." 

    It should just be completely separate and have no permission option. 


    Also, within the appearance section of edit group, there's two background boxes and to me it wasn't immediately clear which one is which, as "group" doesn't really describe the page the chat is on, in my opinion. The top box should probably be labelled "outer background" and the bottom "inner background" as these two words are common xat terminology.

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  9. Users having access to their own trade/transfer logs has been discussed to death in the past.


    Volunteers have always had an issue with this as they use this information to verify account holders on tickets, however this info would only be available after logging in so i never really understood it.


    I don't see an issue and would personally be interested to see this happen.

  10. 3 hours ago, LaFleur said:

    When chatting in private chat or taking an action, you will not become visible. Only if you send a message in main tab, you will become visible again.

    What does this mean? i.e. does banning make you visible again?

  11. 30 minutes ago, Solange said:

    although they may say that we already have Flgpwn to add flags to our pawns.

    Oh I forgot about flapwn... nvm.


    Maybe a pawn that you can add a football strip that also has changing flags?

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