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Bug Comments posted by Daniel

  1. Clearly this is a bug as it’s supposed to work in the opposite way. Just because this is how it currently works, doesn’t mean it is correct. 


    This be fixed so that (hat#e) is golden egg and (hat#e#colour) is the coloured egg, rather than (hat#e#colour) is golden and you have to disable allpowers to colour it, as this is clearly not how it is supposed to work. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, CarlosDesigns said:

    It's never happened to me on desktop after they fixed the unsolvable captcha bug a bit ago. It only happens to me on mobile. How does it only fail on mobile?

    It doesn't only fail on mobile. Just because you've never experienced it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.


    The way it works I believe is it uses mouse movements before the button is pressed to determine if it was checked by a human or by a robot (among other things like previous activity on Google sites while other things will cause it to default to the puzzle, for example using a VPN), and I'm not sure if this is adjusted to mobile tapping/scrolling so that's probably why.

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  3. This is by (Google’s) design.


    If the series of checks for the “click and go” captcha fail, you must solve a puzzle to get through. This means you can also get the select the boxes type on Desktop. 

  4. This happens because the react section (ipsReact) has a z-index of 5020 and the multi quote button has a z-index of 5000.


    Easily fixed by increasing the z-index of "ipsMultiQuoter" to > 5020 or "ipsReact" < 5000.


    (why can't you edit the original bug)

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