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  1. I feel like this type of feature wouldn’t work on something like xat. This is really aimed at people replying to specific messages likely at a later time than when it was sent so that other participants know what the reply is towards. xat doesn’t really work like this, it’s a real-time chatting experience and conversations are had in the moment, therefore I don’t think this feature would see much use.
  2. Does this only work for the whole smiley, or individual elements? For example if I did (smile#thumbsup#opacity#w50#thumbsdown) would the thumbsdown be 100% opacity, while the rest of the smiley being 50%? Also @Admin seems as if the "last" key wasn't updated. Power has been added but Pow2 still says: ["last",{"id":509,"text":"[LIMITED]"}]
  3. I hate the position of the new tab button. With a passion.
  4. If it’s been cached then it will disappear in around 6 hours.
  5. I don't think a shortened version will cause anything but confusion (smile#opacity#w50) would be ideal.
  6. When you work full time it doesn’t matter lol
  7. If you want to be pedantic, it's actually a legal term and unfortunately isn't as simple as "seeing something someone else doesn't want shown". Unfortunately, your xats don't come under the law and this power would create a just cause regardless and therefore would not constitute an invasion of privacy.
  8. I don't know if I'd go as far as an INVASION OF PRIVACY but I definitely don't see why I would ever want to know how many xats someone has.
  9. There could've been other credit card related smilies, for example a smiley swiping their card or using contactless. Possibly a smiley that opens its wallet to show how much money they have.
  10. Of course gambling is legal in the U.K?? The only real restriction is that if there’s a possibility that you can’t win anything worth your bet, then it’s illegal (and age, of course). This is still gambling, it’s a game of chance. You spend, say, 500 xats to win up to something worth 10,000 xats. However, this is allowed under U.K. law and I’m sure would also be considered low stake or prize gambling which has no age restriction either. If this was to be made, a power that would give you free daily spins wouldn’t be very profitable for xat, it should be a on
  11. ITT: People who would be the first ones to complain about abuse on official chats yet banning their friends for 0.5 hours and everyone else forever
  12. supersuperblastkick and supersuperblastban
  13. It doesn't only fail on mobile. Just because you've never experienced it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. The way it works I believe is it uses mouse movements before the button is pressed to determine if it was checked by a human or by a robot (among other things like previous activity on Google sites while other things will cause it to default to the puzzle, for example using a VPN), and I'm not sure if this is adjusted to mobile tapping/scrolling so that's probably why.
  14. This is by (Google’s) design. If the series of checks for the “click and go” captcha fail, you must solve a puzzle to get through. This means you can also get the select the boxes type on Desktop.
  15. Would this really be helpful? The vast majority of suggestions are new powers so it’s not like they’re hard to find.
  16. If any users are having trouble embedding revolvermaps, the wiki special codes generator has been updated. All they have to do select "RevolverMaps" and paste the full embed code into the box. https://i.xat.wiki/sc/
  17. It’s not exactly rocket science, people buy NoPC so that they’re not bothered by random users private chatting them, however is someone is registered or subscribed there’s a higher chance that they have a legitimate reason to be private chatting you. Let’s say you’re main on a chat and you don’t want toons PCing you with random stuff, but registered users may actually have an issue to raise or something legitimate.
  18. Daniel

    Tools for xat

    Why would anyone ever need this though? If I need any of this information I would already be using xat and there would be a bot in the chat, or a website open in another tab that does all of this.
  19. Who actually uses audies? In fact the most use of audies I’ve ever seen is by raid bots... I don’t think enough people use them to justify spending time updating them.
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