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  1. Implying they’re not already stored
  2. Ok but (hat) has 11 hats plus however many limited pawns are available at the time for 100 xats and EVEN if this power had 30 hats it wouldn’t make sense to cost 500 xats. Who cares it's only 500 xats? Well remember that 500 xats is a whole $5 and normally 11 hats would be $1. From this point of view it’s just xat pulling prices out of thin air and charging whatever they feel like for something that we have been asking to be added for 2 years to absolutely milk the living hell out of it.
  3. Did the community ask for new hats or a new power?
  4. Thumbs up for thanks? (Y)
  5. Daniel

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    Basically so users can make their own features without relying on bot providers.
  6. Daniel

    494 BOTSTAT

    Not everyone buys powers for the sake of maintaining every power (believe it or not). This sentence is in reference to the fact that this power doesn’t provide anything in and of itself (besides pawns/smilies) and it is dependant on what bot providers can provide, so don’t buy the power until you’ve looked at what they provide and that they provide what you need.
  7. Daniel

    SN Suggestion?

    Does it? The only reason you'd want to do this is so that you can have a name that... you can't have. If I have the name Daniel I don't want another person with the same name, whether I'm "worthy" enough to be impersonated or not.
  8. But why should this be added? What does it do? What does it add that the current forum does not support?
  9. No, make a new club. Capitalisation changes should be the only ones allowed.
  10. Are people just realising this? I could find the last 150 powers on google reverse image search. Here’s a few: Caterpillar: http://www.sherv.net/sleepy.caterpillar-emoticon-5676.html Arachnid: http://www.sherv.net/hairy.spider-emoticon-3688.html And so on.
  11. So the scroller feature is available to everyone, but this is an upgrade to the scroller feature that allows greater customisation? Seems like a perfect example of what a power should be (free vs premium features).
  12. This is also a group power. Edit: First draft wiki article has been created: https://xat.wiki/Rankscroll
  13. If im correct, if you do: ”/sgHello guests!” ”/soHello owners!” Then “/sHello everyone else”” Everything is cleared and only the /s message is shown? What about: ”/sHello all!” ”/soBan all trolls!” Does this clear the /s message? The way it should work is that that: /s = default (shows if no rank specific scroll is set)
  14. Daniel

    Tickle On/Off

    Why would you care about hiding the tickle power?
  15. I got bored and created a user script that does exactly this. Have fun I guess. That one xat browser extension could add things like this.
  16. Daniel

    Paid USER

    Who cares about themselves being a paid user, far less their friends being paid users. I can say I don't.
  17. Daniel

    Report system?

    He said trolls not bots
  18. Daniel

    Report system?

    You can always report one of the offending user’s posts and state in the report that it’s their profile that’s in violation of the rules, or any random post for that matter. That way it’ll be handled as a normal report and there’s no need to contact every forum staff member in order to get a reply. Reporting a pofile is definitely a feature that should be suggested to IPS and it’s not something that can be done on xat’s side (with ease).
  19. You do realise that website displays your IP address?
  20. Why open a thread if you're going to respond to any person who disagrees with you with "no valid arg"? If you've yet to be convinced that subscriber-only mode is the most suitable mode for a chat that is for trading, and that trading is done by subscribers, then I honestly don't know what to tell you. The chat manager of Trade has responded and told you that it won't be changed. This thread should be closed.
  21. Daniel

    Blastgod Power

    As Angelo pointed out the convention for blast names (blast + action) I would also like to say I also like the idea of themed blast powers i.e blastgod requires blastban.
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