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  1. And why would a chat owner want 10 people to be running 10 different bots at their chat? If they want users to be able to play games at their chat they can ask the main owner to add their game to the bot.
  2. Only requires one bot, the bot just needs multiple games programmed into it. Ideally the bot should be able to load a “game module” (I.e. a version of the goApp() function) of sorts and be able to switch between modules. Even better drop the third party bot bs and be able to upload “game modules” to a xat-provided page and run it via GameBot
  3. Daniel

    APPBOT power intro

    I don’t understand why there’s specific people listed on the wiki and a forum rank when everyone can make games?
  4. How exactly would this work, the OP seems to lack any information except the advertisement of Mavericks game? Maverick's game doesn't seem to fit with what the original post says either, will users be able to create their own games? Or just Maverick? I assume you won't be allowing people to run arbitrary code...? Seems like it's just a side-app that allows you to put text on it, users can already do that below the chat?
  5. I agree, it’s odd that there’s no smilies related to the instantly recognisable patterns/designs of this celebration.
  6. An easy solution would be that the error messages should added to the translate system on the wiki (just like the rest of the chat box) which will allow us to, 1, translate them and 2, be able to change the content and make them more useful (a little more brief than the wiki article probably).
  7. For those wondering what this is, it gives you access to the iOS beta version of the xat app which allows you to get and test the most recent changes before they are pushed to the live app.
  8. It's this or blocking a 10 degree section from being used with this power (so it can't be inverted) and then you still need 2 powers to be able to totally rotate your smilies.
  9. Don't you mean: ncara nojos notro
  10. I got the same bug (on Help): All I did was click the "+Help" button. Seems to happen every time. Also, the first tab should be rendered active when the page loads, as many users put their rules here and wish them to be visible by default (or at least add this as an option).
  11. Seems like the ones defending the name are the ones who speak Spanish, and seems like they may be a bit bias because they understand it fine, and have nothing to say except “there’s nothing wrong with it!!!!!” “You’re closed minded!!!!!” “Stop being jealous!!!” (mega LOL at the last one) which is just playing the victim with no real argument. Changing the name to English is not an attack on your language, culture or anything else. Multiple people have listed actual, real arguments against this and why it could be a problem, with myself even stating popular human computer interacti
  12. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Replied.
  13. I don't understand the point of this suggestion, if it's good for people who don't learn the names of smilies, how are they supposed to use the power if they don't know the name of the smiley they want to create a synonym for? Also, if they wanted to use it to use smilies in their native language, wouldn't they have to create over 1000 pairs in the macro? I don't think this idea really has a purpose.
  14. Oh please. xat is a UK company, and every other aspect of this website is in English, should we just ditch English and start with Spanish to avoid closed-mindedness? Anyone who's worth their salt in web development and interface design will tell you that breaking consistency is one of the most confusing and frustrating things to have to deal with from a user's perspective, in fact it's one of Jakob Nielsen's 10 usability heuristics (hopefully you've heard of him). One power may not make a difference, but if we start naming powers in different languages it will absolutely cause p
  15. And translating into a completely different language was the solution? Clearface nface facehide hideface Adding powers with names in a different languages is just going to make this website one hell of a confusing place.
  16. Are we about to start translating all smiley powers into Spanish instead of adding a 2?
  17. I used to really hate guacamole but I’ve been having it so much lately and I can’t stop 😩😩

    1. Brandon


      Careful on the calories there, bud.

    2. Ereshkigal


      oh my god!!! guacamole is so freaking good!!!!! glad u started eating. 



      bet next power is gonna be based on avocado. lol

  18. Any other ideas for name? (Eyeeye) is really low effort and plain ugly just because (eye) is taken.
  19. I don’t believe there will be any issue with this, not sure how the layers of the smiley are related to this power but it’s entirely possible to go to a specific frame in the animation stop playing in AS3 with no changes to existing smilies.
  20. And even less people know about this chat, so it’s a moot point really. Promoting it won’t make a difference either, have you seen the activity of promoted chats? Promoting will also provide nothing towards the actual goal to the chat, having 10 users from the xat homepage isn’t going to bring any constructive ideas. You’ll also run into the same problems that many other international chats have. You might claim that they can speak any language, but you’ll struggle to get users to moderate and you’ll end up with English, Spanish and Portuguese speakers and have no means to forward
  21. RE: Feedback chat What is the purpose of this chat? How is this an effective way to gather feedback (a live chatting environment)? Doesn’t the forum suggestions section provide a means to give feedback via suggestion threads? p.s. your copy paste introduction still states that these threads will be closed.
  22. What Angelo said, plus even 50 replies would take literally several months never mind 1000.
  23. It's all well and good saying new smiley makers would be great, but who exactly are these people you want to become smiley makers? As far as I've ever seen, anyone who expresses genuine interest is considered. For example, Junior was made a smiley maker after he created quite a few awesome smiley sets (in flash!). Also, the benefits listed in the OP generally equate to the same thing "more creativity" equals "more ideas/thoughts" and "different styles" which leads me to believe even you struggled to come up with why we need new smiley makers. xat has no problem churning out new smi
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