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  1. Daniel


    Why so much negativity? Can't you appreciate a suggestion without saying everyone is going to fight over it?
  2. I believe the old forum (community) will be there until this one is fully up and running and users have had a chance to transfer any posts.
  3. Daniel


    I don't think this would cause arguments... if anything it'll just lead to them asking how to achieve that badge and so on.
  4. Free stuff is always nice
  5. Daniel


    Why would this happen?
  6. Definitely love the new forum!
  7. Yeah, this might get confusing.
  8. Nope. Volunteers get enough attention as it is, they don't need even more attention brought to them via special things in the chat.
  9. What's her favorite thing in the world? My friend's birthday is on the 16th and they like pugs, so I bought them haribo pug sweets from abroad and a card with a pug on it. It didn't cost much but high sentimental value.
  10. Been suggested before, but I like your visualisation. Nice idea.
  11. I don't really play "video games" but if League counts, then that.
  12. Daniel


    I don't think there should be user-specific awards, as that will mean some admin intervention. Only general ones, such as registering, being subscribed, trading 100 times and so on.
  13. I don't like it all that much. Users should be able to submit their work and have a chance of it getting displayed on an official chat no matter who was "selected" that month.
  14. As I posted before, trade is in dire need of an update. Nice suggestion.
  15. A lot of hard work, for what reward?
  16. Hunger games reference, the color of their groups (purple for volunteers, blue for contributers)
  17. Yeah, this one is so much more stylish.
  18. Loving the new forum!

    1. Sifu


      How is it going for you, Stah?

    2. Daniel


      Good :d

    3. Sifu


      Glad to hear that! :d

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