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  1. How can you say it's serving its purpose and then say active staff is a problem? The truth is that if a user goes to the chat, they will be met with no active (or non afk, since you like to idle there, not counting today as you've clearly given a few people a little nod ) staff members, and be therefore unable to submit their idea. Whereas the forum is open 24/7 with users active all hours of the day, and Google Translate also.. Seems unfair, as when other official chats become dead the chat manager doesn't get to keep it as unofficial. They are redirected to other, more popular
  2. Any updates on Feedback chat, given that it's almost been a year? Any suggestions been posted from the users who can't find the forum (but can find this chat with no active staff members) yet? Time to retire the idea?
  3. This is actually a cool idea. Wouldn’t be massively used, but still a nifty little addition. Could also be named (awayreason).
  4. I'm sure there already a feature in the works to re-introduce tickle. Regardless, I find your "Is it safe? [...] owned by Facebook" statement quite funny after all of the recent privacy issues with Facebook? Really? Also, this means xat has to store your phone number... which I am not to keen on them having, either.
  5. Nq83zdy.gif

    Sneak peak of Manage editor project I've been working on ;)

    1. Daniel
    2. Maverick


      Aha! Perfect. (goo)

    3. Cupim




      It's amazing.

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  6. Daniel

    Language issues

    This should now be fixed (pending one more upload to fix default en to default international).
  7. Daniel

    Unban Reason

    Could actually be useful, sometimes you have to clarify with a staff member why they unbanned a user and with this they could provide a reasoning for the unban. Would be optional just like ban reasons.
  8. All contributors have talked about this month is adding their names to a wiki page for some recognition. Lit.
  9. Just tested and it seems that the "broadcast" button on the YouTube application disappears a few seconds after opening and doesn't re-appear again. This should probably be moved to bugs, but then again there's no point fixing the flash version of the app. Let's hope we can see this feature fixed in the HTML5 version.
  10. The black pawn already exists, however it is for xat staff only. This will not become a power, unfortunately.
  11. Do you have any ideas for other smilies? What would the power be called? Could you find some example images/make your own? Give this post a read and try editing your suggestion to include more information:
  12. If you have a ticket open already then there is nothing we can do for you here on the forum. Just be patient and wait for a reply.
  13. Since the whole point of the limit feature was to help curb raids and PC and PM spamming (which was performed by unregistered guests) I don't see why limit even has to exist at all for subscribers. I guess you could argue someone could make 10 accounts each with a day and successfully raid someone's PC/PM. In that case, we could keep limit for cross-chat communication only.
  14. Now that the API key seems to be implemented, will changes be made to botstat? @Admin
  15. The following pawns 7 have been re-added in honour of Earth day this year. Power required: Earth Power required: Earthday
  16. Introducing xat's newest limited power: Easterfx. ID: 544 Name: Easterfx Status: Limited Price: 229 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://xat.wiki/Easterfx
  17. Daniel

    New login pages

    Very important and under represented point. I've never understood why xat feels the need to have so many hoops to jump through to manage your own account (email changes, home location update, list goes on) and have more security measures than I can count on one hand like our xat accounts are the most important possessions in the world when more professional, important websites (like banks) realise that it's not necessary and something like 2FA is enough. Account protection that cannot be turned off and makes you held and you can't do anything about it is not a useful s
  18. Industry standard? Ease of use?
  19. Daniel

    New login pages

    Can confirm. Using macOS (Mojave) with Safari (Version 12.1 (14607., "Please wait..." never changes and the chat doesn't load and does not login to flash xat (HTML5 works still). However, the chat loads and "Please wait..." turns to the successful message with successful login to flash on https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/register.php (old page).
  20. Would be a useful small change. However, it doesn’t need to be this complicated. I would suggest more of a white list concept where only chats present in the macro would activate stealth. I.e $stealth=help,mychat Would mean you’d be stealthed at help and mychat, but not at xat_test.
  21. Rankpool/banpool/banish are must haves for groups.
  22. Clearly this is a bug as it’s supposed to work in the opposite way. Just because this is how it currently works, doesn’t mean it is correct. This be fixed so that (hat#e) is golden egg and (hat#e#colour) is the coloured egg, rather than (hat#e#colour) is golden and you have to disable allpowers to colour it, as this is clearly not how it is supposed to work.
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