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  1. Would this really be helpful? The vast majority of suggestions are new powers so it’s not like they’re hard to find.
  2. Daniel

    Groups security

    If any users are having trouble embedding revolvermaps, the wiki special codes generator has been updated. All they have to do select "RevolverMaps" and paste the full embed code into the box. https://i.xat.wiki/sc/
  3. Daniel

    506 PCPLUS

    It’s not exactly rocket science, people buy NoPC so that they’re not bothered by random users private chatting them, however is someone is registered or subscribed there’s a higher chance that they have a legitimate reason to be private chatting you. Let’s say you’re main on a chat and you don’t want toons PCing you with random stuff, but registered users may actually have an issue to raise or something legitimate.
  4. Daniel

    Tools for xat

    Why would anyone ever need this though? If I need any of this information I would already be using xat and there would be a bot in the chat, or a website open in another tab that does all of this.
  5. Who actually uses audies? In fact the most use of audies I’ve ever seen is by raid bots... I don’t think enough people use them to justify spending time updating them.
  6. @Admin how good is hat#hL for lazy people if you're too lazy to update it in the first place?
  7. Surely smiley1#smiley2#glitch has to be added?
  8. Daniel

    Hide Chat

    So if you’re banned you need to enter a password to sign into the chat? In what scenario would you give the banned user the password? If you don’t want banned users to be able to see users/messages in your chat, then get banish and banpool. Your suggestion doesnt help with users unbanning themselves either... as they’re not banned.
  9. Daniel

    502 ESMILE

    Is this going to be fixed?
  10. Daniel

    502 ESMILE

    Seems the hat code is missing for the actual p1esmile pawn. Pow2: "L":[502,"p1esmile"],"":[502,"p1esmile"]
  11. Daniel

    Small change

    I also have no idea why you're making it out to be a big deal? It would literally take 3 seconds to hide them, avoiding any confusion about the apps working or not.
  12. @Admin shouldn't hat#hL be pointing to p1portalfx rather than p1koffee1? Also, only 3 smilies?
  13. Daniel

    dabbing power

    Do you really expect (santadab) to be included in this power? It has to be in (christmasdab) and the others in (dab) power.
  14. This is terrible.
  15. Daniel

    Blank page on wiki

    Doesn’t work because the pizza article is a redirect (and that special page doesn't work with redirects). Should be fine when the power is renamed on the powers page (and the URL points to https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special:MyLanguage/pizzas instead)
  16. As per the ID Marketplace Guidelines:
  17. Daniel

    499 KOFFEE

    Coffee was taken
  18. The only thing is, I don't really see why an owner would choose to be a moderator etc. I can make sense of the fact that main owners may set some GControl settings, like ban time, and then test it as a moderator (without having 2 accounts). However, I owners don't really have access to these settings. You could argue that owners may want to test bot commands and stuff which could be true. I guess it could be added to GControl but with the addition you mentioned (you can only make yourself a lower rank). That way main owners can choose if they want their staff members to be able to change ranks.
  19. The name doesn't really match what you're suggesting, but a power like this could be quite useful for main owners testing various things. A few things off the top of my head would be rank-based scroll messages, gcontrol settings and bot minimum ranks. I think this should be restricted to main owners only, with no GControl option, as someone who is mod shouldn't be able to make themself an owner and so on.
  20. I'm assuming that the suggestion is that the person who sets the scroll controls the speed. I can see this as being useful, the current speed is adequate for smaller scrolls, but for longer scrolls it does take a mildly annoying amount of time to scroll completely.
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